Here’s what families have to say about Corner Co-op

A Poem About Our Visit to Corner Co-op (September 2023)

by Rosie and Sajed Kamal, former Co-op Directors, featuring their son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren.

“The teachers at the Corner Co-op are masters at entering constructively into children’s play without imposing their choices of themes, characters, and plot. Each day—just because they can—the children in their charge play out some of the most profound human struggles while simultaneously sorting through the more mundane tasks they face. With joy and seemingly boundless energy the children immerse themselves in themes of death, isolation, and aggression, even as they grapple with sharing, cooperation, and properties of the physical world.”
Susan Linn, EdD
Quoted from The Case for Make Believe: Saving Play in a Commercialized World by Susan Linn. An alumni parent of Corner Co-op, Susan is also the author of Consuming Kids: Protecting Our Children from the Onslaught of Marketing & Advertising and the Director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.


“As a speech-language pathologist who worked in a children’s language development center, I was amazed to see the way children spent their day. With not much movement from one game to another and with a lot of focus, and total attention being on the child, made the child so happy, concentrated and creative. The child had enough time to discover each game or activity in many aspects. More than that, it’s known in the language development science that repetitiveness in the game itself builds concentration and creativity.

My daughter and I loved the school and the teachers. They didn’t have many demands on the children, which made the child take responsibility and be calm to discover and create!”

Faten Awwad, Speech Pathologist, Haifa, Israel, and Co-op Parent


“My 22 year-old son, on the spectrum, got his start at Corner Co-op. He is a happy boy and never compares himself to neurotypical kids, and has good self-esteem. I credit Corner Co-op with giving him a foundation to grow with.

Also, a syllabus of ABC’s and math are not necessary. The kids will catch up to their peers. But their social development is critical and that’s where Corner Co-op shines.”

Dawn Edell, Co-op parent 1998-2004


“Anna walked into the Corner Co-op and ran to the paints—which were at her height, open, and with fresh paper clipped and ready—and painted a beautiful picture.

We wanted a preschool where Anna would experience a larger loving world in which she could have new, safe and fun experiences, and where she could grow and learn that the world was full of love and fun and creativity.”
Susan, Co-op Parent 

“I truly felt such a sense of comfort when I walked into Corner Co-op. It is just an amazing place for my kids.”
Stef, Co-op Parent

“Corner Co-op is a nursery school where kids can grow and learn in a safe and supportive environment. Children learn through play and have choices about how to spend their day. Each morning starts with circle time, or kids can choose to play in the block room. There is always music, art, playdough, the sand table, blocks, trains and imaginative play. The teachers are creative, thoughtful and caring. There is virtually no turnover among the teachers. Rosie (teacher and director) has been at the Co-op for 32 years, Sajed for 27 years and Sue and Beth for more than a dozen each. The newest teacher, Lin has wonderful energy and is also a gifted teacher. The school is a cooperative and parents spend time in the classroom. We’ve found parent helping to be extremely rewarding and enjoy seeing our son in action at his school. It’s wonderful to see him forge friendships, express himself, articulate his ideas, problem solve, negotiate, build, explore, create, challenge himself and grow! If you want your child to love learning and you would enjoy being a part of a community, this is a great nursery school!”
Kristin, Co-op Parent

“When my husband and I enrolled our son in the Corner Co-op we knew it was a special place with kind, warm, experienced teachers. But, it wasn’t until I spent some time witnessing the interaction of staff and students that I really understood the magic of this place. The staff is committed to recognizing each child as a whole person with a unique perspective and voice. Each child is respected as an individual and truly celebrated for their unique personality. The teachers and children develop a mutual appreciation for each other’s individual experience and honestly listen to one another. I feel that in many ways, thanks to the co-op, I have grown as a parent. I have learned new ways to connect to and listen to my child. The staff also provides room for each child to grow in their own way and pursue their own interests. The co-op fosters a child’s natural intellectual curiosity through which they promote the potential for life-long creative thinking and learning.”
Audra, Co-op Parent

My First Job
by Andrew MacDougall, age 8
My first job was this year at Corner Co-op Nursery School in Brookline.  It was so much fun!  I played with the kids and the kids played with me.  I was really important to the kids.  I made 1$ per hour, given by my mom, and I worked for three hours each day, once a week and sometimes more.

I really think that whoever is ready, should work at a place like Corner Co-op. At Corner Co-op, you can only work there if they know your family really well.  I went there and my big and little sisters went there as well, so me and my big sister can work there.

The teachers are Rosie, Sajed, Sue, Beth, and Lin, and they all work there because they are so nice.  I was so happy to work with them, and feel very proud.

They do a lot of special things at Corner Co-op that I got to help with.  They do three pinatas a year, go to the fire station, go maple sugaring, and go to the Boston Nature Centre.

The age limit is two years nine months to six years old.  It is in Brookline, in the basement of a church.  Corner Co-op starts at 9:00 and goes until 12:00, or you can stay for mini-lunch until 2:00.  There are six rooms in the school.  Most of the kids’ favorite room is the dress up room, block room, and last but not least, the quiet room.

I would like to tell you about the quiet room. It is a room that has a couch with a window with a big window sill, and kids like to jump off the edge of the window onto cushions and pillows and then get back in line.  Sajed has a camera and he took a really cool shot of me.  He takes cool shots of all the kids.

If you are looking for a school for your kid, bring them to Corner Co-op!  The kids always have smiles so work there, or go there!