About Us

What is Corner Co-op?


We are a cooperative school. Our philosophy, goals, policies, programs, budget, tuition, staffing, and activities are governed by the parents and teachers. The Co-op puts us in close contact with our children’s nursery school experience. We are able to watch our children grow and develop. Our children know we are concerned and involved with their school. Parents support the Co-op by teaching in the classroom and performing a family job.

Inherent in the cooperative is a spirit of community that allows for individual strengths and weaknesses, for family crises or illness, or for differences in energies or commitment. We enhance this spirit throughout the year with pot luck dinners and picnics, speakers and workshops, outings and camping trips, and informal interactions and friendships among families.

Our Philosophy and Goals

At the Co-op we treasure each child as unique. We nurture an environment where children’s natural, organic need to learn and grow is facilitated through a participatory, holistic, and dialogue-centered process. All the developmental aspects of a child are integrated: emotional, intellectual, social, creative, physical. We regard play as an essential medium of learning.

Our goal is to provide an exciting and safe place for children to initiate and choose, be free and responsible, experiment and discover, play and make friends. We have both spontaneous and planned activities, which the children are free to propose and to choose from. We have a multitude of raw materials for creative projects. Our rooms are divided into various areas of activity. There is a well-stocked dress-up and dramatic play area, a much-loved block room, a woodworking area, a quiet room, a fish tank, dozens of books, puzzles and games; sand and play dough tables, a painting and crafts area, musical instruments and CDs, and cooking facilities. There are numerous opportunities for natural science, pre-math and pre-reading skill development, and music and movement. In addition to our own courtyard, we have direct access to one of Brookline’s parks and playgrounds.

We create situations that are challenging and satisfying to a wide developmental age-range of children. Creative problem solving in the use of materials and the treatment of social conflicts is fundamental to our philosophy. Most of all, our goal is for children and adults to experience an exciting process of learning and growing and to have a great time!