Boston Area Preschool Fair

Saturday, November 19, 10am-12pm

Past Events

Saturday, October 1


in Waldstein Park off Beacon Street at Dean Road

next to Corner Co-op Nursery School

Outdoor Puppet Show:

Lindsay and her Puppet Pals

Year-round, Lindsay brings her larger-than-life Puppet Pals to child and family audiences across New England. Filled with silliness, active audience engagement, and memorable characters, this series of charming short stories will delight the young and the young at heart! Ideal for ages 3-8.

also Outdoor Activities

and Tours of Corner Co-op:

10-11am and 12-1pm

Come one, come all – open to the public

12-1    Tour the Corner Co-op.   Have a slice!  Meet & mingle with alumni and current Co-opers

 1-2      Welcome:  Gratitude, Honoring, Remembering

                     hosted by Beth,  Susan Linn & Audrey Duck

​ 2-2:45   A sing-along with Rosie, of course!  Craft activities

​ 2:45      Rainbow Cupcake Time!

​ 3:15      Piñata, with Sajed!

​ 4:00      In the Corner Co-op tradition…  “Clean up, clean up!” Thank you!

Co-op 50-Year History

Fifty years ago, a group of All Saints Parish parents, whose children would be three years old in the fall of 1972, founded a nursery school at the church.  Grace Price, the wife of assistant rector Darwin Price, suggested a cooperative nursery school.  Five families (Lois and Larry Caporal, Mary and Hugh Dunlap, Jodi and Nat Gorton, Emily and Kon-Taik Khaw, and Vicki and Bob Sharpley) enthusiastically embraced this idea.  With permission from the vestry, they incorporated as a non-profit, wrote by-laws, built furniture, hired the Co-op’s first teacher-director, Kathy Beers, and recruited 15 families to participate in the cooperative.  Because All Saints is at the corner of Beacon Street and Dean Road, the new entity became the Corner Co-op Nursery School.  Since its opening in September 1972, the Co-op has been a welcoming, inclusive, non-sectarian community serving families from around the world.

Now, in 2022, we are deeply grateful to the original All Saints families and to the congregation as we celebrate the fiftieth year of the Co-op!  We express our heartfelt gratitude for the support of the late Rev. Louis Pitt, rector in 1972.  We also acknowledge the continuing support of succeeding rectors:  Christian Koch, David Chandler-Ward, Nathaniel Pierce, John Keggi, David Killian, Sarah Connor, and Richard Burden.  Many parishioners, some of whom were/are vestry and and other committees members, have provided ongoing support to the Co-op.  During the years of the pandemic, the Rev. Burden, Roberta Schnoor, and Charlie Rigg worked with Beth Mahar, current teacher-director, and the Co-op board to navigate the challenges of running the Co-op during COVID.  Last, but not least, Renato Dantas, sexton of All Saints, has been, and continues to be, a dearly valued helper to the Co-op.

Sadly, Grace Price and Lois and Larry Caporal have passed away.  We gratefully remember Grace’s vision and the dedication of the Caporals and the other original families in creating the Corner Co-op.

Join us as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary Reunion on 18 June—12 noon to 4 pm.   At 1:00  pm, there will be a Welcome-Gratitude-Honoring-Remembering.  Please visit our website for more information, and click the link for the reunion at

Wishing you all the best,

Rosie Kamal, retired Teacher-Director (1981-2020)

Sajed Kamal, retired Teacher-Consultant (1986-2020)


June 2021 Sing-along with Rosie & Sajed will be Goodbye Songs

May 2021 Sing-along with Rosie & Sajed will be Songs of Summer

April 2021 Sing-along with Rosie & Sajed will be Silly Songs

March 2021 Sing-along with Rosie & Sajed will be Songs of Spring

February 2021 Sing-along with Rosie & SajedSongs of Love

January 2021 Sing-along with Rosie & Sajed: Peace, Light & Friendship